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Armenian Association of Radiologists

MRI and CT conference

An international conference entitled ”Modern Capabilities of MRI and CT in Oncology” took place in Armenian-American Health Center on September 23-24 this year. The Conference was orgianised by the Armenian Association of Radiologists and Diavant company. More than 200 radiologists from Yerevan, regions of RA and from Artsakh were present at the conference. Presentations were delivered by leading specialists from Russia. Among them were:


-Bakhtiozin Rustam Faridovich, MD, Professor of the Department of Diagnostic Radiology, First State Medical University after Sechenov, (Moscow).


-Rozengauz Yevgeni Vladimirovich, MD, Professor of the Department of Diagnostic Radiology and Radiation Treatment, Northwestern State Medical University after Mechnikov, leading scientific worker, head of the CT Department of Russian Scientific Center of Radiological and Surgical Technologies, Saint Petersburg.


The presentations of the Conference were mainly dedicated to the highlights of  MRI and CT latest  studies in the field of different oncopathologies – hepatic, body tumor lesions, metastatic lesions of individual organ-systems.


Kostan Galumyan, President of the Armenian Association of Radiologists, mentioned in his speech:


”Radiology has a very important role not only in oncology, but also in the entire health care system. As the development of oncoradiology is one of the urgent tasks, the aim of the Armenian Association of Radiologists is to make this sector more accessible for radiologists. Today the vast majority of Armenian Radiologists are present here, around 70-80%, which is very commendable.


The conference was the first joint work of the Armenian Association of Radiologists and Diavant company. It has got a great response not only among radiologists, but also other specialists of medical discipline .


Armenian Association of Radiologists extend their thanks to to Diavant company, personally to the Director David Arakelyan. We are convinced that our cooperation on organising such high-level conferences will be continued.


We also want to express our gratitude to Takeda company, General Partner of Armenian Association of Radiologists and to all radiologists that participated in the conference, hoping to meet them again during future events.


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