Armenian Association of Radiologists


Armenian Association of Radiologists

Professional boards

Professional boards are the main component of the Association. There are MRI, CT, roentgen, mammography and radio-isotopic boards, where members are leading specialists working in radiology, mammography departments of RA medical institutions.


The objectives of the Boards are the regulation of problematic issues of their specialty, the designation of new protocols, the organization of professional conferences and consultations.



Each board involves one representative of different medical centers and this format helps to maintain fair and professional work. Boards aim to regulate their sphere and to achieve high level of diagnosis by increasing their colleagues’ professionalism with mutual respect and assistance.

Other news


05 / 19

Armenian Congress of Radiology 2019

  The Armenian Association of Radiologists organizes the 2nd Armenian Congress of Radiology, which will be held on 15th of June at the conference hall in “Matenadaran”, Mesrop Mashtots... Read More

05 / 19

Management in Diagnostics

"Management in Diagnostics" is the VI international summit organized by the Russian Society of Roengenologists and Radiologists, Moscow's Regional Department and the Scientific-clinical Center of... Read More

04 / 19

Advanced Imaging Symposium

Armenian Association of Radiologists, jointly with Professor Bijan from California University, organize Symposium on Advanced Imaging.   Dr. Bijan has been affiliated with University of... Read More

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