Armenian Association of Radiologists


Armenian Association of Radiologists

Opening Ceremony of AAR

The solemn meeting of Armenian Association of Radiologists was held on the 4th of July this year at the Erebuni Hall of Erebuni Plaza, and was qualified by many as a beginning of relaunching of formerly established Armenian Association of Radiologists.
Nowadays, more than 180 radiologists joined Armenian Association of Radiologists and their number is growing day by day. The meeting was conducted by Garik Hovhannisyan, Chairman of AAR Board, member of Division of Armenian Association of Radiologists, who welcomed the participants and represented the procedure of the event.
Mr. Kostan Galumyan, President of Armenian Association of Radiologists mentioned in his welcoming speech that one of the main aims of the Association is uniting all the radiologists of Armenia and Nagorno Kharabagh, as well as creating peaceful working atmosphere and promoting the development of radiology in our country. Mr. Kostan Galumyan also added that one of the fundamental objectives of the Association is the creation of modern protocols, which will improve the level of diagnosis. He also emphasized that they are going to cooperate with different international radiological associations taking their own place in the big family of Radiology. At the end, Mr. Galumyan extended his thorough gratitude to his radiologist colleagues, who promote the development of radiology and Medicine by means of their daily selfless work.
One of the distinguished guest was Mr. Armen Muradyan, Minister of Health of RA, who mentioned in his welcoming speech that the establishment of Association is important not only for the development of doctors but also from the perspective of their protection. He also added that nowadays no field of Medicine is possible to imagine without radiological researches.
Mr. Michael Narimanyan, President of Armenian Association of Therapeutists, rector of Yerevan State Medical University, delivered his welcoming speech. He mentioned that today Radiology is the most demanded specialty by YSMU students. Professor Narimanyan exhorted Armenian Association of Radiologists to cooperate closely with the Association headed by him and help Armenian therapeutists more thoroughly understand the way modern Radiology works.
Professor Hayrapet Galstyan, Corresponding member of NAS of RA, President of Council of Fanarjian National Institute of Oncology, was among the honored guests. He delivered his welcoming remarks to Armenian Association of Radiologists and wished them success in their future activities.
Mr. Gegham Aghabekyan, member of the Division of Armenian Association of Radiologists, founder-director of Aghabekyan Diagnostic Clinic, also delivered his welcoming speech. He emphasized that the activity of Armenian Association of Radiologists has been successfully relaunched, in his words “it has been restarted”, as it is possible to overcome many challenges currently faced by specialists only through consolidation. He also mentioned that several professional associations were formerly operating (moreover, similar situation can be seen in other medical fields as well), however, it is luxury for such a small country as Armenia. ‘I am glad that today we have one Association,’ he said by adding that it became possible due to the young radiologists and their consolidated work.
Mr. Arthur Grabski, Head of the Urology Clinic, Professor Gayane Khachatryan, Head of the Chair of Radiological Diagnosis of YSMU Postgraduate and Continuing Education faculty, member of the Division of Armenian Association of Radiologists, Mr. Armen Hakobyan, Head of regional representation of Association general partner Japanese “Takeda” organization, Mr. Garnik Avetisyan, Head of the Chair of Radiological Diagnosis of YSMU General Medicine faculty, also had their speeches at the meeting.



The meeting was summarized by movie watching which was prepared by Armenian Association of Radiologists and represented by Mr. Narek Matinyan, Secretary of the Association. He extended his gratitude to all radiologists, particularly representatives of the older generation, who had provided the important photos, video materials and historical facts during the film shooting. Mr. Matinyan also mentioned that Armenian Association of Radiologists dedicates the film to all the radiologists who have contributed to the establishments and development of the Association, as well to those who have lived and continue living for Radiology.


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