Armenian Association of Radiologists


Armenian Association of Radiologists


ESSR Outreach Course in Yerevan

Dr. Ara Kassarjian, Dr. Prudencia Tyrrell and Prof. Lennart Jans, leading specialists from Europe, gave lectures during the two-day seminar on musculoskeletal radiology: bone traumas, arthritis and bone tumors, and represented clinical cases…

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I French Armenian Symposium on Medical Imaging

The First French- Armenian Symposium on Medical Imaging, organized by the Armenian Association of Radiologists and Lyon French- Armenian Medical Union, took place on May 12-13 in Ararat Hall, Ibis Yerevan Centre…

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Epilepsy Days in Armenia

An Armenian – French educational seminar headlined “Epilepsy days in Armenia” took place in Moscow house on 4- 5 December, which was organized by the Armenian Association of Radiologists, in collaboration with Nairi Medical Center.

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